Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Homemade Quiche

So I was reading through one my many cookbooks I got for Christmas last year and in one of them there was a recipe for a Quiche. I had always wanted to attempt to make one but I had never had to correct tin to use but I had recently invested in a heavy gauge decent one from sainsburys (in the sale) and I thought this was the perfect time to try it. Not something I normally do on this blog but I really wanted to test it out. As far as I can see and taste it has turned out perfectly. I didn't actually use the recipe from the book but it inspired me to look around online at a few other recipes and take pieces from each and I kind of made it up as I went along. So here is how I made it. 


1 Block of Shortcrust Pastry
5 Eggs
300ml Double Cream
130g Unsmoked Pancetta
150g Double Gloucester Cheese
Salt & Pepper

So I began by giving the tin a quick grease (even though it's non stick you can never be too careful) and rolled out the pastry just big enough to fit the tin. I rolled the pastry back over the rolling pin to be able to pick it up easily enough without breaking it. I laid it over the tin and pushed it in careful. I cut off the excess and laid some baking paper over the pastry, put some rice on the baking paper to hold it down and baked for 10 minutes on 220C fan. 
While it was cooking I fried off the pancetta until it started to brown. Then I simply poured the cream in a measuring jug, added the eggs, salt & pepper, cheese and pancetta. I gave it a quick whisk and that was it for that part. 
After the 10 minutes were up, I took it out the oven and took the baking paper off (with the rice still on it) and put it in the bin. You can reuse the rice for future recipes like this where you need to blind bake pastry but I just chose not to this time. I then places the tin back in the oven on a shelf in the middle of the oven and then poured the mixture into it. I cooked it on 160C fan for 30 minutes or until it does not wobble in the middle.
That's it, very simple I think. I got it out the of tin quite quickly and just let it cool down. 

Enjoy :) x

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