Saturday, 9 July 2016

Mary Berry's Chocolate Fork Biscuits

I've been engrossed in my new baking book 'Tanya Bakes' wanting to bake and eat everything in it! So I thought I would start off with something quick and easy. 

100g Softened unsalted butter 
50g Caster sugar (I used granulated)
150g Self raising flour
25g Cocoa powder
Splash of milk 

So in this recipe it tells you to cream the butter and the sugar together,doing it step by step but I wanted to try it different. I put all of the ingredients (except the milk) into my electric mixer and turned it on starting it off slow. Easy as that. It came together into breadcrumbs then I added the milk and it formed the dough. 
Next I formed it into 15 small balls and placed them onto a baking tray. I then flattened them with the back of a fork,put them into the oven (180c) for 10-12 minutes. I left them in for the full 12 minutes,took them out and let them rest on the baking tray for 5 minutes then transfer them to a cooling rack until completely cool. 
Easy isn't it ?


  1. These look amazing! love your blog :)

  2. These look amazing! love your blog :)

  3. Thanks :). I aim to be posting every Saturday :)