Sunday, 24 May 2015

Frozen Birthday Cake

So it was my little sisters birthday on the 3rd April (I know its a bit late posting this),she loves frozen. She even put in a request for a frozen cake (cheeky). But by this time I had already started planning it. I ordered the little statues off the internet and bought the blue icing back in january! 
I done a 2 tier cake. The bottom layer was a simple chocolate sponge with a thin coating of vanilla buttercream over it for the fondant icing to stick and the top tier was a chocolate chip sponge. 
The tiers was then put together and I used a frozen themed ribbon to put round both layers. Next I rolled out some white icing a used a snowflake cutter and cut out several different sized snowflakes to place all over the cake. Finally I placed the statues on top of the cake. 
This was only a short post simply to share a picture of my sisters birthday cake I made her.


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