Wednesday, 6 May 2015


I think the last time I made flapjacks was about 5 years ago when I started to experiment cooking a bit but they turned out badly wrong. Rock hard and possibly a bit burnt, so when I decided to try again after all this time I was a bit wary but according to my family they were actually nice. So here is how to make them!


125g Butter
250g Rolled Oats
125g Sugar
3 tbsp Golden Syrup

So a recipe that I originally looked at online said to put everything in a food processor and blitz it until it all came together but I prefer chunky oats in my flapjacks so I just put it all in a bowl and mixed it together. I then lined a brownie tin with butter then grease proof paper and put it all in there. Next I pressed it all down with a back of a spoon and put it in the oven (200C) for 30 minutes. When I took it out of the oven, I then left them to cool for 15 minutes then I cut it into sections. I chose to cut them into bite sized pieces. Simple as that,buttery,creamy and sweet. yummy!

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