Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Harry Potter Sorting Hat Cake

I stressed a lot over this cake because I've never done a themed cake before without buying a printed cake topper to put on top.Also it was for a party so people would actually see it (panic station),so automatically I was stressing. 
I done a mini version a few days before just to be able to work with the icing to make sure I was confident enough. 
So when it came round to cooking it I cooked 6 layers in a Victoria sponge tin and just left to completely cool. I then stacked them all up with chocolate ganache inside each layer, then I just started carving. I had a picture up on my iPad so I could keep referring back to it for the shape and position of the eyes and mouth. I'm not going to lie it was challenging but I think it turned out quite well. I used cocoa powder when rolling out the icing instead of icing sugar so it did not discolour the icing. I did find this to dry the icing out a bit but in the end it just added to the effect of a old hat. 

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