Monday, 16 March 2015

Easter Muffins

You will need:

2 eggs 
200g sugar 
200ml milk 
125ml melted butter 
400 g plain flour 
3tsp baking powder 
1tsp salt 

If you want to make chocolate muffins then substitute 100g flour for 100g cocoa powder.

Begin by turning your oven to 180c. 

Then beat the milk,eggs and butter together and whisk in the sugar until it's fully dissolved. 

Next you need to sift in the dry ingredients and stir until it is all just come together,you want it to be a tad lumpy. At this point you then add anything extra you want like chocolate chips or nuts. 

Fill the cases 2/3 of the way and cook for 25-30 minutes depending on the colour. 

So when they have completely cooled I went ahead and decorated mine Easter style. 
I melted 150g of plain chocolate in the microwave, 20 seconds at a time until it is completely melted. 

I then took 2 'pillows' of shredded wheat and crushed them and mixed them in with the melted chocolate.
I then went onto cutting off the very top of the muffins and made a little birds nest with the chocolate shredded wheat and then sat 3 mini eggs on top of each muffin. 

An easy Easter treat.


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