Thursday, 7 August 2014

Newcastle United Birthday Cake

So I was asked to bake a birthday cake for a friends birthday recently. His favourite football team is Newcastle United, so no doubt the cake should be the logo of Newcastle United. When it came to the actual logo I kind of cheated and ordered the football team logo because it would of been too hard to cut out myself but the background icing was all done by me :).

The actual cake I made was a classic Victoria Sponge in a square. I then bought from the supermarket ready to roll white icing and black icing. 
I started by sprinkling icing sugar onto the side I was rolling out the white icing. I rolled it into a big square. I rolled this up onto my rolling pin then slowly lowered it on the cake. I smoothed out any of the bumps then continued onto the black icing. The black lines are an inch thick each and I went through the same process as the white icing but cut the lines out of the black. To stick the black icing to the white I just used a small amount of buttercream on the back of each stripe to make sure it doesn't slide off. 
I then finished it off with the Newcastle logo that I had previously bought off of

I am actually very pleased with the outcome of this cake,I'm not going to lie i was a bit scared incase it didn't turn out right but luckily it did :).

A few months ago I also done a cake for my boyfriends birthday. He is obsessed with Status Quo so it was really the only option for a cake. 
I had covered the Victoria Sponge in white icing but then I attempted to cut out the cover of a Hello Quo album cover. It was very difficult and it took several attempts to get it right. But eventually it turned out just right and it is safe to say he loved it.

But now I've done this cake for this year I'm expected to make an even better one for next year. Uh oh.
Oh and I also baked the cupcakes in this picture as well, just a plain cupcake mixture with chocolate chips in it.

Hope you enjoyed reading this :)

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